how does intimes underwear work?

go with the flow!

Period underwear are panties to wear during your menstruation period, instead of disposable period products, such as tampons or pads. Unless you have a particularly heavy flow you can usually wear one pair of InTimes period panties up to 10 to 12 hours. The four layers of absorbent and leakproof lining are equivalent to 1-2 tampons or pads.

InTimes period underwear is made of an absorbent layer that holds one to two tampons’ worth of blood flow, a moisture barrier for comfort, followed by a layer to prevent any leaks or stains and lastly, a main body layer.

You can wear a pair throughout the day and use a new fresh pair overnight. Our InTimes period underwear comes in a range of absorbency, for days and nights with lighter to moderate and heavier flow.

Why not both?

You can also wear your InTimes period panties as a back-up with your usual menstrual cup or sponge. This prevents any unwanted leaking and is a great option instead of using a sanitary pad. Every small step helps our environment!

Our Materials

All of the materials used in our InTimes products are carefully selected and developed to provide comfort and safety, while maintaining sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Our panties are all made without PFAS, without harmful nanotech and manufactured with sustainable and certified techniques. You can find each product's ingredient list on the product page. Our Team is in constant contact with production and maintains regular quality checks. We want to balance both comfort for you, as well as protect the environment and ensure fair labour.



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how do i care for my underwear?

We recommend rinsing your underwear under cold water after use. Then you can hand wash or machine cold wash (preferably using a mesh wash bag to avoid damaging the fabric). Last, leave your underwear to air dry - do not use the dryer!
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