from us, for you

Sleek design, eco-friendly, mindful and sustainable living - these are the fundamental beliefs of our company.

about us

We are committed to make a change. Our goal is to normalize menstruation, to preserve our planet and create sustainable period products that are accessible to all.

InTimes is a POC women-owned business - started by two friends, to help women all over the world feel more comfortable and confident throughout their periods. It is something that every person who menstruates goes through, every month, and which shouldn’t be taboo to talk about. Sourced from trusted partners and made with love, InTimes is a dedicated period underwear brand designed for every body. Female-owned, InTimes is from us for you.

how intimes came to life

The name comes from the German word ‘ Intimes [adj.] ‘ which means “intimate, cherished” and also encompasses the world play of the English saying ‘In times..’. In Times of joy, of need, of change. We feel that the name embraces both our German background, as well as the belief of our co-Founders, which makes InTimes the perfect name. InTimes is a passion project that thrives for positive change, cherishing women and empowering us all to have a meaningful impact on the environment.

We believe that it is time to redefine periods and menstrual products. In order to bring change to one of the most natural things of human bodies, while protecting our environment and contributing to a cleaner world with every menstruation. Period.

our impact

Making a change!

As a small business we aim to do our part to commit to a better world. We donate a pair of period underwear for every 5$ donated at check-out. You can make a contribution to support our program here: InReturn